Essays on Relationship between Successful Management and Knowledge of Research Methods by Managers Research Proposal

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The paper “ Relationship between Successful Management and Knowledge of Research Methods by Managers” is an intriguing example of the research proposal on management. Research forms an important part of every organization without which the organization is bound to fail. This calls for managers to develop appropriate research skills to be implemented in their daily operations. The changing market structure, emerging challenges, and rising competition are the main cause of the need for continuous research in any company or organization. In addition, managers are involved in the marching group, individual and organizational need to ensure job satisfaction as well as the achievement of set goals and objectives.

The expectation is that they develop and design departmental structures, jobs, and projects. To be effective in the job market, individuals in these managing positions need to develop their skills on a daily basis. Quality management results from the manager’ s ability to detect, analyze, and address an existing problem as well as maintain a customer, employee-friendly environment. This heavily relies on the research methods and skills applied. Making a mistake in any process of data collection and formulation of management questions ultimately results in a wrong interpretation of the information and hence the solutions applied do not address the main existing problem. The research design in management field includes: formulation of questionnaires and interview schedules, procedures in data collection, measuring techniques, data coding, validity and reliability of collected data, methods of analysis including the qualitative and quantitative methods, interpretation of analyzed data, discussions and conclusions drawn from results, report writing and the integration of theory into practice. Statement of the issue/problem and its organizational context and significance. The success in the management of companies or organizations highly depends on the success in conducting researches.

Though most managers and employees at a lower levels are aware of the existing research method in the management of organizations and companies, they often fail in the application.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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