Essays on Research Methods For The Fire Service Assignment

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Proposed solutions for research problems………………………………. .... .... 8Cited works………………………………. .... .... .... .... .... .... .... .... ... 8-9RESEARCH PROPOSAL Thesis statementIntegrated emergency medical and terrorism skills will make fire rescue skills more relevant to modern risk control practices. Aspect of focus in fire rescue, service managementThis proposal will focus on aspect of human resources skills in Fire Service Management. Specific focus will be on the integrated skills personnel training of human resources of fire rescue management. Thesis Fire rescue services personnel need to be integrated into terrorism and medical rescue services. General aims and/or hypotheses, The main three objectives that emanate from the above thesis are the following hypothesis. 1.

Terrorism training will make fire rescue relevant in modern changing world 2. Medical emergencies emerge from burnt and injured people, and3. First aid medical skills is prerequisite for all fire rescue incidents A brief information search on integrated skills training in fire rescue service management, terrorism, medical and other emergenciesMany fire rescue services in the world are facing radical changes to the evolving risks of the worlds due to technological changes affecting people’s response s to risk factors. (US fire administration, 1998. p. 26). The focus fire rescue services is now on the urban centres with crowded area due to electrical faults, faulty gas kitchen fires that spread quickly due to overcrowded town centres (Leonard, B.

(1999, p. 42.) Many local authorities have their own fire rescue services but there has been no serious integration as fire rescue services were the traditional pioneers in risk management. We must focus on the role of evolving role of fire rescue services and raise its calibre to high priority in the level of medical, terrorism, bomb scare and floods emergencies (FEMI, 1999.

p. 9) This means they need new skills to match thus evolved nature of their engagement with all types of emergencies (US fire Administration, 1998 p. 26). This research proposal therefore takes the mantle to initiates serious questions integration into fire rescue programmes as well as terrorism rescue services training. (Leonard, B.1999 p…43) Factory owners and homeowners will no doubt support any action toward making emergency management at one roof due to terrorism concerns hence fire and rescue services management need to be part of corporate social responsibility(FEMA, 1999.p. 12-15) However, merging operation or embedding all services to medical terrorism and counterterrorist measures as well as bomb security emergencies will mean new skills and multi- skills to integrate the personnel to new response mechanisms (FEMA, 1999.

p. 4-10). A commentary on the main issues related to integrated skills training in medical and terrorism emergencies for rescue personnel. That all governments have legislation on fire fighting mean also that funds are allocated for fire fighting but most often the accidents still occur due to poor integration of skills in rescue teams. Terrorist suicide bombers and big oil spill at coast of Mexico highlighted the need to train pilots for all rescue firms in integrated skills in sea fire rescue the private sector must invest in private air rescues and medical rescue all over the globe to assure people that wherever they tour there is air rescue services (FEMA, 1999).

There is need to modernize the fire rescue to meet these new challenges for efficiency and effectiveness (USFA, 1998. p. 75).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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