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The paper "Research Methods Using Qualitative Designs" is a good example of an essay on education. The incessant incidences of social problems such as obesity, poverty and diabetes 2 have necessitated the use of qualitative research techniques as governments and humanitarian agencies strive to find a lasting solution to the challenges that are threatening to engrave the contemporary society. Tight and loose research designs have both been formulated to aid in the research in various incidences. The outright confirmatory nature of qualitative designs obliges the use of loose designs that allow the researcher to fully explore concepts and obtainment of data through voluminous case studies as compared to tight designs that are efficient but lack the apposite sample size to authenticate a pattern of occurrence.   Prior to research, a researcher must determine the conceptual framework which sustains the formulation of the null and alternative hypotheses by mapping the concepts under investigation.

The hypothesis and axioms identified in a case scenario authenticate the need for research. In social sciences, quantitative techniques are perceived to be inappropriate due to the nature of information required and research studies.

Qualitative data using sampling methods such as random sampling, simple and stratified sampling enable sociologists to obtain finer details regarding a situation. Qualitative data assortment and analysis are labor-intensive but can be conducted meritoriously using overwhelmingly small focus groups, narratives, questionnaires and interviews, satisfactory data to answer the research question can be generated. The graphical representation is aided by the use of advanced software including SPSS and Epi-info which allows researchers to conduct an in-depth analysis of the raw data. Researchers continue using qualitative data in investigating various sociological aspects due to the presence of improved technology that supports through analysis.

Conceptualization, rationality, consistency, and efficiency have been augmented and better public policies formulated and implemented due to concrete and pertinent deductions derived from researches.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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