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The paper "The Coca-Cola Company" is a wonderful example of a case study on business. The Coca-Cola Company which was started in 1886 is the most worldwide foremost manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of syrups and concentrates that are nonalcoholic. Currently, it operates in over 200 countries in the whole world and is famous for the refreshing drink “ Coca-Cola” . Coca-Cola is among the most visible companies in the entire world. The product from this company is available all over the world and has recently become one of the most famous world favorite soft drinks.

Coca-Cola as a company achieves all these through initiating explicit and simple vision and mission strategy, ensuring that the best product positioning strategy is adopted, improving the Coca-Cola brand personality, and ensuring that effective product design approaches are adopted in order to remain globally competitive. This paper seeks to explain the strategy behind the success of this company by examining the company’ s mission and vision strategy, Coca-Cola’ s brand personality, product positioning, and product design. In order to compete favorably in the market, these strategies have to be clear and on target for them to bear fruits. Mission and Vision strategy While a firm must incessantly adapt to its competitive environment, often, there are certain central ideals that remain moderately steady and offer guidance in the strategic decision-making process.

These fixed ideas form the company vision and are articulated and expressed in the company mission statement. Coca-cola as a company understands the fact that the current world is dynamic and thus to maintain its position as a multinational corporation, it has to focus ahead, comprehend the forces and trends that have to shape the business in the future, and make a swift advance to prepare for future uncertainties.

The company appreciates this fact through factoring into consideration precise mission and vision statements. Mission The mission statement of Coca-Cola Company is enduring and it declares the company purpose and serves as a measure or a standard against which it weighs its decisions and actions: To inspire moments of happiness and optimism To refresh the world and To make a difference and create value  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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