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The paper "Potential Career Paths" is a great example of a research paper on management. STC aims to ensure that it controls and employs honesty, commitment, respect, initiative, and integrity to attain all its set objectives. It aims to identify customers' needs to pave the way for customer satisfaction. This continuously ensures that it has provided for the expectations of the company. This is in relation to many of the products and services that are on offer. Saudi Telecom Company ensures that it works as effectively as it can to provide telecommunication services to all its customers.

In a region that is governed by Arab states and ways of life, it has created a niche for itself in the telecommunications industry. It enjoys the creation of diverse products and services. They enjoy good quality phones, internet provision coupled with VOIP, IP VPN, various internet broadband services amongst many other products and services (Newman, Barabá si & Watts, 2006). STC has grown in leaps and bounds and it is not only represented in Saudi Arabia. It has grown and penetrated the international market. It is now represented in Turkey, South Africa, Malaysia, Kuwait, India, Indonesia, and Bahrain (Saudi Telecom 2010).

All these countries contribute to the overall size and revenue that is collected by the company. They work together to ensure that the company’ s annual GDP grows annually. This is as they struggle to ensure that they provide the best quality products and services. Employees who work for STC are efficient and competent in their work in the telecommunications industry. They influence the trends that are incorporated in the way that the company conducts itself.

In a company that has over 142 million subscribers, the number of employees highlights the importance of quality customer service. They are spread out in all the countries that the STC has its branches. Research Plan My name is Sandra. I am greatly interested in network analysis. This is with respect to the STC Company and what it does in the telecommunications industry. I am interested in the company and all its objectives. This is with the overall aim of ensuring that I understand what the company does and what it should do in the future.

This is with the overall aim of ensuring the company’ s overall objectives are met. I have the intention of interviewing the CEO, director, and three employees.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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