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The paper "Pie Face Bakery Cafe Franchise Recruitment and Selection Plan" is a good example of a marketing case study. Every business seeks success and any opportunity which comes that can bring success is always taken. This is the same case with Pie Face. The company, in its quest for growth, started franchising in 2009 and the success of the franchises prompts the development of more (Pie Face, 2010). Additionally, since the initiation of the franchise business, many markets have not been exploited in Australia and the company would like to expand its business to other regions in Australia.

It is also part of building trust between the customer and the company by making the product available to them and to new consumers. For this reason, Pie Face seeks franchisees that are willing and meet the criteria for selection as will be described below. Selection is important for finding out the best skills that can manage the newly established businesses or already established ones (Barkoff et al, 2008). Pie Face is offering a chance to the franchisees to invest in their businesses.

It is offering excellent support to maximize return on investment, a low-cost investment of only $250k to $400k (Franchise Business, 2010) and a great product with a unique brand to sell (Pie Face, 2010). Below is a description of the requirements of a franchisee and the selection criteria. Introduction As one of its expansion strategies, Pie Face Bakery Café started to franchise its business to private business entrepreneurs who are capable of running food stores. The business performance since 2007 and in 2009 (being the BWR starter) has encouraged the managers to expand to other regions.

Because of this expansion idea and franchising as the strategy of expansion, the Chief Executive Officer of the Company ordered for a report on how the franchisees will be recruited and selected be written. Additionally, businesses fight to grow and be competitive and by expanding its stores to other regions in Australia, the company is growing and gaining more market share in the Bakery café segment. Below is a description of a plan for recruiting and selecting suitable franchisees for the Bakery café (Pie Face, 2010).   Limitations of the study: It is not easy to find important information about the company, for example, the company profits which play an important role in rating company performance and it is also not easy to get other performance records.

This report is based on internet research about Pie Face Bakery Café that is offering franchise opportunities. From information obtained from the company’ s website, it is clear that the reason for its increased opportunities is because of the success of previous franchises formed. The success, however, cannot be proved except shown by the extent number of stores formed.

The company, therefore, wants to expand to other regions of Australia. History of the Franchise Pie Face Bakery Pie Face Bakery Café is a business that started in 2003 but began its franchising operations in 2008. The company by 2008 already had 20 stores which were all owned by the company. In 2009 the company began to license other business owners as franchisees. From then on, the company has been franchising and every month a new store is opened. The company is specialized in pastries, coffee, pies, sandwiches and other baked goods (Pie Face, 2010).


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