Essays on New Trade Theory and Its Implications for International Businesses Annotated Bibliography

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The paper "New Trade Theory and Its Implications for International Businesses" is a great example of a business annotated bibliography.   Models of New Trade Theory take into consideration ideas such as politics and economy, the economics of industries and strategic policies in the market. A lot of the models formed on the basis of strategic market policies and imperfection in the market encourages the trade policy of intervention. However, the New trade theory agrees to a large extent with liberalization as much as the idea of forming the link between the former trade theories and new trade theory.

Ideally, policies of trade interventionists are downplayed even by those leading in championing these theories on the basis of political as well as economic ideologies. Part B. Search Library Catalogues 1 Advanced International Trade: Theory and Evidence  by Robert C. Feenstra Feenstra, R, 2003. Advanced international trade: Theory and evidence. Princeton university press. It explores various models that are useful in looking at the implications of the new trade theory. It gives an insight into the import tariffs as well as the damping apart from that it looks at trade policies regarding the political economy and trade organizations of firms internationally.

It is of interest since it is research-oriented and concerns global market systems. 2 International Economics: Theory and Policy (6th edition)    by Maurice Obstfeld Obstfeld, M., 2011. International economics: Theory and policy. New York: Prentice-Hall. It explores the world’ s economy today as well as the concerns of the current affairs regarding trade theories. It does the analysis of the forces of the latest trade theories and also the associated challenges. It is of interest since it assists in providing a link between developments in economics and the trends in trade both internationally and locally. 3 Feenstra, C., 2003, Advanced International Trade: Theory and Evidence, Princeton: Princeton University Press It examines theories as well as policy issues regarding new trade theory and world trade organizations.

It also looks at the global interlink or association of economies as well as the analysis of empirical evidence with regard to the new trade theory and their implications towards the international business.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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