Essays on The Growth, Expansion, and Consistency of the Microsoft Corporation Annotated Bibliography

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The paper 'The Growth, Expansion, and Consistency of the Microsoft Corporation" is a good example of a business annotated bibliography.   This research project assessment takes a detailed look at the operation of Microsoft Corporation. The specific reasons for the selection of the Microsoft Corporation for this study are the fact that the company has been able to successfully compete in the market over a span of more than three decades. Moreover, Microsoft presents a very interesting case study with regards to the changing economic models, theories, and strategies that it has used over the years.

For example, by considering the New Trade Theory, we observe that Microsoft’ s high market share and increasing returns have been facilitated by massive exports of its products and increasing economies of scale. This brings the focus of our study to this company, bearing in mind the key role it has played in reshaping the business model and raising the bar on the scale to which a company can raise from a small enterprise to a multinational company. Further, the growth, expansion, and consistency of the Microsoft Corporation are evidence of the company’ s successful internalization.

This makes it an interesting and informative company for conducting market analysis with regard to international business. The sources for the data gathered have been categorized into three distinct groups based on the nature of the source: LIBRARY CATALOGUES   MUELLER-EBERSTEIN, M. 2010.  Agility Competing and Winning in a Tech-Savvy Marketplace. Hoboken, John Wiley & Sons. The author of this source describes the winning strategy that has been applied by the Microsoft Corporation to keep it afloat throughout the turbulent economic times. The source argues that the company has been a global leader in the manufacture of operating systems and the sale of computers and has been a trendsetter in the field of technology and business.

It further cites the major competitive advantage that Microsoft Corporation has had over the years being its tremendous ability to hire and maintain top talent in the organization. The author notes that the firm’ s activities do indeed reflect the fundamental understanding of the New Trade Theory in that the company started out initially as the first company to produce operating systems and it has taken full advantage of its early market entry to capture new clients while retaining its former clients.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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