Essays on The Role of the Internet in Facilitating International Business - Google Inc Annotated Bibliography

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The paper "The Role of the Internet in Facilitating International Business - Google Inc" is a good example of a business annotated bibliography.   The company chosen for this study is Google, an American multinational corporation founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. Google specialises in the provision of internet-related products and services such as cloud computing, software, online search and messaging technologies and advertising technologies among many other services (Hamen 2011). Google has been chosen for this study due to a number of factors. Firstly, the company has over the years played a significant role in facilitating the global patterns of trade.

The company operates in over 90 countries around the world. Through the products and services that it provides, it helps to enhance global trade patterns. For example, one of Google’ s core businesses entails providing online advertising technologies which help a business get exposure to their products and services around the world. Moreover, Google facilitates access to information to the entire world in every language. Secondly, Google was chosen due to the competitive advantage it has in the industry that it operates in.

Currently, Google has the largest access to internet users worldwide. As a compared to other companies operating in the information communication technology industry Google has a stronger market share due to its excellent culture of innovation and strong patent portfolio (Smith & Williams 2009; Steiber 2014). Thirdly, Google was chosen because, over the years, the company’ s operations have had a significant impact on the economic, legal and cultural systems of the countries that it operates in. Through its revolutionary search engine, Google has enhanced the accessibility and dissemination of information.

Furthermore, through some of its products and services such as AdWords, Google Fibre, Google Apps and Cloud Computing, Google has transformed the way in which companies around the world conduct business. It has enabled companies to gain access to worldwide markets and improve the efficiencies of their business operations. In addition to this, through services such as Google+, the company has enhanced cultural communication and homogenization (Smith & Williams 2009; Steiber 2014). Library Catalogues: Books Cullen, J.B. & Parboteeah, P.K. , 2009, International Business: Strategy and the Multinational Company, Routledge, New York. This book will be of great use in this study mainly because it provides invaluable insight into a wide range of issues pertaining to international businesses.

One of the key areas that it particularly explores in-depth relates to the operational and functional strategies that the multinational companies (MNCs) employ to support their operations particularly in relations to marketing, and supply chain management. In this case, the authors explore how MNCs use the internet to support their operations. Hamen, S, E. 2011, Google: The Company and its Founders, ABDO Publishing Company, Edina, Minnesota. Since the focus on this study will be on Google Inc, this book will be a beneficial reference point for examining how the company capitalises on the internet to provide business solutions to companies and continuously spur innovation.

In this book, Hamen (2011), explores the history of Google and how the company has over the years capitalised on the internet to come up with innovate products and services that have significantly changed how business is conducted worldwide.


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