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Possible question Response Clarify clearly PM theory on your project Our project was complex since it involved many participants over 2500 attended; therefore PM theory was significant in the developing of the model. The components of the theory initiation, planning, execution, control, and closing processes can be seen on our model which we used for the parade planning. What of the model EPRAS and EMBOK The two models especially EPRAS was a pillar to the success of the event, since we used most elements from it in developing the project model.

EMBOK model provided the core values for the entire project. The value on ethics made sure our team members were neither in conflict with one another nor the community in Huddersfield. Creativity which is one of the values was exploited in the collection of £300, because St. Patrick did not have a charitable number. Elaborate on the risk assessment We identified almost all possible risk scenarios that would occur on that day and placed a control measure in place. Police were informed of the event and they could be seen patrolling as the parade was being displayed.

The stewards who were members of the team had been trained on security measures and they were on high alert incase of insecurity. John who was the director for the project was supposed to give direction in case a risk occurred. Safety of the team and participants was give priority that is why St. John Ambulance staffs were on the site to offer medical attention for any injuries. And indeed they assisted a guy who fell during the parade. Death in the entire parade was not recorded and I think our team deserves credit for that. What was the problem with communication The line of communication among the volunteers was very poor.

In some cases the volunteer did not know from whom the instructions would come. The held on their position even after the parade had passed that stage and thus delayed picking up the next role. Team members were forced to perform some duties of the volunteer due to confusion Clearly explain why the problem occurred and yet you had a model you trusted The model occurred at the element of work breakdown structure (WBS).

During the model development we thought even the non-members would grasp the flow of activities just like the members because their duties were not as immense like those of the members. However, this was not the case non-members i. e. the volunteers were confused with the proceedings totally. The model didn’t provide guidelines on how to incorporate volunteers in the event. What have you done on the model to ensure no future hiccups on the project Since major problem were emanating from the tasks assigned to the volunteers, the model was redesigned to avert such happenings in the future.

The need for human resource management was identified as key for the entire project. The essence of this element is to ensure qualified volunteers are selected and trained on their respective task(s). Not to forget transparency and accountability in a project is essential. That s why we included finance and budget element to account for every penny spent during the next parade. Wrap the model with recommendations Event planning is complex due to the multiple players involved for it success.

This being the case communication is essential and as a team driven to achieve a specific goal, it is advisable for all parties interested to be in constant touch by organizing several meetings. Training of people who will be involved in the project regardless of the task is important because it enhances perfection. Testing of the equipments or other items should be done prior the event. Last but not least on the day of event a brief meeting should be arranged to iron out critical issues and enhancing esteem of the members.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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