Essays on Operations Management and Etisalat Case Study

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The paper 'Operations Management and Etisalat" is a good example of a management case study. Etisalat is among the largest telecommunication service organizations in the Middle East. It is also recognized as the Emirates Telecommunication Corporation, which operates in eighteen countries globally with countries from Africa, Asia, and largely in the Middle East (Etisalat Group, 2013). In a ranking done in November 2009, the company was ranked as 13th globally among other companies within the telecommunication industries. The company’ s total consumer base at the moment has more than 100 million subscribers.

The company is also considered to be among the largest internet hubs especially in the UAE, where it provides a connection to operators of other mobile networks within the region. The major source of the company’ s revenue in the UAE is the increasing traffic in voice calling, especially international calling. Apart from its operations in the UAE, Etisalat operates in other parts of the world offering various services such as the Points of Presences (POP) services provided in Paris, London, Amsterdam, New York, and Singapore. The company has made some significant achievements in its countries of operation all over the world including the establishment of Mobily in Saudi, Sudan’ s Canar, PTCL within Pakistan, and EMTS within Nigeria, among others.

In addition, due to its maintenance of a healthy balance sheet, the company has been ranked as an A1+ organization (Etisalat Group, 2013). In this research paper, analysis of the operation management (OM) of Etisalat shall be done and recommendations shall be made on approaches that can be adopted in OM decision making in order to facilitate the further success of the organization. Strategic Outlook The Input-Process-Output Framework Etisalat utilizes a model referred to as the input-process-output in handling information, being a telecommunication organization, where all the three terms of the model have great significance to the organization’ s operations (Toni, 2011).

With reference to input, all telecommunication services related information is directed toward the organization.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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