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  The paper "Development of Performance Appraisal System " is a perfect example of a management research paper. An appraisal  is a transparent measurement of personnel performance and needs. It helps redefine the priorities and objectives of the company and reinforces motivation through analyses of achievements and their feedback, within the framework of the company philosophy and organizational setup. Formal and structured performance appraisal could be believed to have first started during the Second World War, but the informal appraisal of personnel has existed throughout the history of mankind. It is considered to be the second oldest profession in the world, thanks to the basic human nature to judge and form opinions about self and others.

(“ Introduction: Performance appraisal” , from Archer North’ s Performance Appraisal, The Complete Online Guide, retrieved on May 22, ’ 07 from http: //www. performance-appraisal. com/intro. htm. ) Significance An appraisal is a multi-pronged diagnostic tool that facilitates the creation of a platform for Organisational development and improvement Feedback of needs and performance of the employees/employer Reviewing personnel decisions of awards, promotion and merit schemes (“ Performance Appraisal” , Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, retrieved on May 22, ’ 07 from http: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Performance_appraisal) Performance measurement and management in the UK have a contingent approach, rather than following a set proforma.

The three significant parameters that define the framework of the appraisal are: (1) the organizational setup and degree of decentralization and delegation of responsibilities; (2) the company’ s environment and competitive advantage/disadvantage in the market and (3) the technological profile of the organisation, as regards its manufacturing and production processes. (Source: “ Latest trends in Corporate Performance Management” , CIMA briefing, July 2002, viewed on May 22, ’ 07 at http: //www. cimaglobal. com/cps/rde/xbcr/SID-0AAAC564-BD006C0E/live/PerfMeasurementLatestTrends_techrpt_0702.pdf) Research becomes significant in an attempt to standardise and restructure a performance appraisal tool.

Though there is significant research conducted on performance appraisal, this management practice continues to pose complex equations that need to be investigated, as an ongoing process.




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