Essays on Customer Relationship Management and Integration of Technology Case Study

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The paper "Customer Relationship Management and Integration of Technology " Is a great example of a Management Case Study. The use of technology in the attraction and maintenance of customers is essential to the competitiveness of many organizations. Through technology, distance barriers are eliminated and money transfers made easier. Technologies are therefore used to shape many dimensions of businesses and deliver a liberation and enchantment that did not exist in previous business practices. Through technology organizations can rightly expect organizational changes that they desire both for their operations and their relations with customers.

Managers indulge in the implementation of technological advancement before consideration of the side effects of these actions. The use of technology does not necessarily guarantee the success of the business; not all that the organization will post to the customer through technology will be bought. Many managers have a recurring failure to remember or total lack of learning from past failure that causes the repetitive erroneous application of technology that does not yield positively to the organization. Considering this from a systems development perspective, the organizations fail to research the previous application of technology and how to modify the technology to suit their particular needs. Customer Relations Management (CRM) systems are some of the latest cases of failure of technological applications to organizations.

Information on CRM software is scanty and many managers only rely on vendor rhetoric and managerial practitioner reports. Few reports on CRM technology emerge and allow for learning that is required in the application of technology such as the researches on the financial services industry and IBM which are exceptions to this draught of information. This research report is a contribution to the neglected area as it analyzes the use of technology in CRM.

Through this research, the contextual application and consequences of CRM implementation are highlighted. It is imperative to consider the importance of CRM systems in the value they offer to organizations. This paper elaborates on the problems that are encountered in the application of CRM and will eventually enlighten managers such that they enter into projects in full awareness of what is involved. This is the impetus to the improvement of project implementation as it will improve the selection, implementation, and usage of CRM systems. Customer relations management is a kingpin dimension to many organizations, three perspectives of the concept of CRM is offered by Ody.

Firstly is the accurate marketing which involves precisely delivering products that suit the customer’ s requirement. Secondly is the perception that the customers can be viewed in a coherent manner as is usually applied in many call centers. The third focuses on the customer information databases as CRM has driven investments into data warehouses. The implementation of CRM is aimed at knowing about and looking after the customers. Research methodology This study is aimed at investigating the implementation and application of CRM computer systems by businesses.

The research method adopted was descriptive as the data collected was used to describe the events in the specified context for the elaboration of the area under study. Organizations that had been involved in CRM system implementation were selected and the result implication of the implementation of their organizational goals determined. To aid data collection, an internalized framework from previous researches along the same line was adopted in the form of research questions.

The statistics gathering was done through official interviews with directly involved users and managers. The interviews were made twice in a period of two months.



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