Essays on Health and Safety Measures Put in Place to Govern the Building Construction Research Proposal

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The paper "Health and Safety Measures Put in Place to Govern the Building Construction" is an outstanding example of a management research proposal.   The main objectives of the study are to establish health and safety measures that are outlined to depict the manner that the security of human beings is looked at while in the building and this takes a case study of times tower. In order to carry out the study, the paper lays down various research methodologies to be used in the whole process. The paper also explores the significance of conducting the study.

A lot of benefits are likely to accrue from the process since the matter at hand is of great essence. Under the theoretical background, the paper seeks to explore the challenges encountered and the methods used to overcome them. Reasons for Research The study aims to investigate in details the safety measures that are put in place to ensure that the health of the occupants is not to put at risk in one way or the other. The causes of the risks and hazards are going to be ascertained so as to understand the situation on the ground and all the factors that play a role in the whole scenario are going to be studied and inferences made The paper intends to establish the measures that are implemented in the time's tower to ensure that hazardous situations are eliminated completely.

The research seeks to unearth the health and safety situations in the Times Tower which is used as an example in the pinpointing of the building commission’ s efforts to ensure that the health of the persons accessing the structure is not put at stake.

The success or failure of the government’ s measures if any is to be studied and conclusions made. In summary, the following are the reasons for the research: To explore the health and safety measures put in place to govern the building construction. To understand the needs of safety measures. To unearth the struggles and obstacles of general safety in buildings. Theoretical Background Health and safety measures The safety of people accessing the Building is taken care of by putting in place of the following measures. These are the very crucial factors that are defined by the building regulations and involve better: Air conditioning systems Exit doors Early warning systems                                                             Emergency lifts and lighting Emergency lighting                                                                   Emergency power supply Emergency warning systems                                                             Exit signs                                                                      Fire control centers                                                                                    Fire curtains and doors Fire extinguishers                                                                    Fire detectors and alarm system                      Fire hydrants                                                                                                          Fire isolated stairs                                            Fire-rated materials Fire windows                                                                              Mechanical ventilation   Passage ramps                                             Path of travel to exits Smoke alarms                                                                   Smoke control systems                Sprinkler systems The Regulations require one as the building owner to maintain all safety fittings, equipment and safety features as well as those items listed as essential safety measures, (David, 2002).

The Regulations  require  the owner to keep all annual essential safety measures  reports, records of a maintenance check, service and repair work records on the site for inspection by the Municipal Building Surveyor or Chief Officer and they also describe what the annual essential safety measures  report should contain and that the owner or agent of the owner is to sign the  Annual Report, (David, 2002). The Regulations do not go further than requiring the owner to sign off the Annual Essential Safety Measures  Report and ensuring that the essential  safety measures are maintained.

Regulations do not go to the extent of controlling business practices.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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