Essays on Increasing the Engagement of Facebook Followers as a Marketing Strategy in Myer Research Proposal

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The paper “ Increasing the Engagement of Facebook Followers as a Marketing Strategy in Myer“ is an actual variant on research proposal on marketing. The aim of the research is to evaluate ways to increase the engagement of Facebook followers as a marketing strategy in Myer. Numerous marketing strategies have been employed, but they manage to keep a consumer remain aware of a certain product for a limited period of time. The major business segment the research has an interest in is the customers and its Facebook followers. Data will be collected from both primary and secondary sources.

The target population is the customers and Facebook followers where a sample of 9 elements will be selected through purpose and snowballing sampling. The whole research process is expected to cost a total of $3600 and will take a total of 3 months when a full research finding report will be presented to the relevant authorities. The research problemBackgroundThe advertisers have embarked on a holistic way of thinking in the plan and measure of advertising campaigns, since, the entire media applied in the process can have effects on the success or failure of the promotion campaign.

All the means of media and in particular online means differ in numerous ways that have crucial characteristics (Nair, 2009). Many companies have inserted facebook following in their official websites as a new marketing channel. This affects how an enterprise creates strategic management because it adds more channels that lower the operational cost, but have a vast overture of impacts (Constantinides, 2004). Consumers are increasingly applying internet, especially in communication, online purchase and orders. It is widely known that Facebook is among the leading channels in the social media platform, which is widely used by most people.

Apart from the fact that it is used as a chatting platform and even sending document files, businesses have started using it as a number one source branding spot and traffic sales. This is because it has resulted in one of the key drivers in terms of sales and conversions for most consumers. This method of marketing can have a positive impact on a brand perception especially when harm is produced to the brand image (Phillips, 2000).

The main aim of this research will be to investigate the effectiveness of increasing engagement Facebook follower’ s customer awareness strategy in a marketing context. Statement of the ProblemIt is clear that nobody has managed the full capability to work out, connect and get a clear picture of the selling capability of social network sites such as Facebook. The question of how to best use social media websites in marketing has and it’ s still in great existence. Many experts in marketing have ascertained that the issue is all about learning and in the process make mistakes.

Everyone in business is grappling with the rate in which this issue is accelerating (Chaffey, 2009 ). The issue has seen increased budget expenditure on digital marketing being reallocated from other marketing outlets other than being added to the pool. This raises a big question on where to direct money as far as a marketing strategy is concerned. There are ample marketing budget and the marketing experts must decide on the amount that they snatch from traditional marketing to online social media marketing.

Creating an increased engagement on Facebook followers requires creativity and inspiration, as well as, long term commitment for it to sound like an effective marketing strategy (Constantinides, 2004). Success in this strategy is not a quick scheme, because creating quality content that will capture the attention of potential and existing customers requires expertise, experience focused engagement and attention. Facebook is free to use and requires constant maintenance. Therefore, increasing Facebook followers as a marketing strategy requires confidence contexts where the brand will be represented well and openly without manipulation.

This is because the online audience does not need to be conned and they are usually after real commentary and material. In this regard, it is clear that it is easy to adopt this form of marketing in Myer, but the biggest problem is on the best ways to follow in order to capture the interest of the Facebook followers. Another issue is how to keep these followers engaged and active.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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