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The paper "Strategic Human Resource Management" is a great example of a human resources research proposal.   In this research, there is an attempt to establish the effectiveness and desirability of Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) and in the process establish any relationship existing between SHRM and the competitive edge of any business organization. This research will also show the deliberate emergence of this favorable new system from the traditional approach of Personnel Management and the differences between the old and the new. The research will delve into what has been done in SHRM and then formulate a plan to collect and analyze data for the purpose of establishing the suitability of SHRM over traditional HRM in businesses. Introduction Background Strategic Human Resource Management has been defined as the linkage of human resources with the set objectives and strategic goals in a bid to develop the organizational culture and boost business performance, so as to foster flexibility, innovation and a competitive edge.

For any organization, SHRM should be viewed as an important Human Resource (HR) function and accepted as a vital strategic partner of the business in question.

It is also vital for the formation and subsequent implementation of all business strategies through activities such as Recruitment, Selection, Work Training and Performance Appraisals (Armstrong, 2006, p. 12). Today, management in Human Resource is not just an activity of administration. The HR manager in any organization has additional responsibilities than in the past (Wrightt, 1998, p. 339). The HR department has since become a very strategic partner that determines the competitiveness of a company in a globalized arena. Globalization has caused mixed demographics in the workplace, rapid changes in the business arena, technological advances and emerging business concerns, thus demanding that HRM is smartly handled (Devana, Tichy & Fombrumm, 1981, p. 52). For any organization to succeed in achieving a competitive edge in a globalized market, the HR faculty is required to not only look at the transactional activities and administrative aspects, but also to come up with business strategies that synchronize with the set goals.

If this is undone, the organization will soon lose relevance. Considerable financial gain has been recorded in organizations that aligned HRM systems with the set Organizational goals (Huselid & Becker, 1997,p. 143).

Excellence and performance are reached in companies where Human Resource practices are well aligned to the set business strategies (Golden, 1985, p. 432). Aims, Objectives and Research Questions Aim In conducting the research, we will seek to understand the resulting competitive edge of an organization upon implementing SHRM and how this system is positively different and better in managing Human Resource which was traditionally referred to as Personnel Management. Objectives To explain and explore how traditional Human Resource Management is mainly biased towards transactional activities To analyze the better and proactive approach shown in Strategic HRM To explore the importance and benefits of Strategic Human Resource Management over traditional Human Resource Management. Research Questions and the Hypothesis Is traditional HRM biased towards transactional activities? What is a proactive approach to strategic HRM? Is there any relationship between SHRM and the competitive edge of an organization?

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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