Essays on Protecting Civilian in Large Commercial Complex - Marina Mall Emergency and Evacuation Procedures Thesis Proposal

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The paper “ Protecting Civilian in Large Commercial Complex - Marina Mall Emergency and Evacuation Procedures” is an excellent example of the thesis proposal on management. In the world of uncertainties and unexpected incidents, establishing a specific emergency plan for a facility such as a large shopping mall or commercial complex is essential. The emergency plan generally includes evacuation procedures and areas of complete safety. However, an evacuation procedure is worthless when it is not clearly defined, well understood by the people that would be involved, and not being practice regularly. For instance, a lot of organizations have been conducting a risk assessment and successful in identifying and removing risk but do not have a clear and well-established plan on how they are going to save people during an emergency.

Evacuation is as important as removing or reducing the risk and therefore must be given the same attention by building management. For this reason, this study would attempt to research existing evacuation procedures of the large commercial complex like the Marina Mall which at times of emergency should be prepared to evacuate a considerably large number of people. Aim of this ResearchThe aim of this research is to provide an overview of the importance of protecting civilians in large commercial complex particularly in terms of emergency plan and evacuation.

The research would attempt to examine the relevance of the existing disaster and civil protection strategy of a large shopping mall and develop an enhanced strategy that could further increase the safety of the public. The benefit of this ResearchThe research would benefit a large number of people particularly those that are doing their shopping in the large complex such as a mall.

Civil protection and safety of the public is critical and therefore must be given more focus in the daily operation of the building. In large complex, an emergency evacuation may not be as easy as those with the small establishment since aside from the significant number of people that may be present in a mall during business hours, the different behaviors of people, the presence of disabled persons, and their varying perception of threat may affect the outcome of existing emergency procedures.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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