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The paper "Business Continuity Management for Blue Lights in the UK" is a great example of a research proposal on management. The main research question of this discussion is with regards to business continuity management for the blue light services in the UK and how it applies to United Arab Emirates resilience. 1.3. Choosing the Topic 1. 4 Background to the Research: In the modern world, the Middle East is widely considered to be of strategic importance given the fast pace in economic growth (Sidani and Gardner 2000). In particular, the United Arab Emirates is considered to be one of the fastest-growing economies in the Middle East.

Thirty years ago the UAE was one of the least developed countries in the world. Today, the country has attained an income level similar to that of the developed countries. With huge oil revenues, the UAE has managed to short-cut to economic development as opposed to the usual lengthy and difficult process of capital accumulation and saving. The nation has an abundance of natural resources such as gas and oil. Further to that, as a strategy for developing the U A E has embraced resource-based industries (RBI) as a development Strategy founded on the use of natural resources.

These among other strategies have made the U A E an economic force to reckon with (Shihab, 2000). Yet, despite these leaps in economic development, the blue lights or emergency services have failed to keep up with this pace of progress and lag behind the more developed economies. According to Just Landed (2009), the blue light services in the UAE are far from efficient whereby ambulance services are smaller in scale than developed countries like the UK, and to make matters worse, they are controlled by the police.

As such, one better off using private means than relying on the blue lights. Further to that, business continuity management is a new concept in the UAE, especially in relation to the blue light services.   1.5 Reasons for the Choice of the Research’ s Topic: This topic was chosen by the researcher for several reasons. In line with the recommendations of Lewis at al. (2007), the researcher aimed at choosing a research topic that triggered his interest and fuelled his motivation.

Thus, the researcher’ s main motive to undertake such research was rooted in an interest in the topic at hand that affects him directly as a consumer of blue light services.


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