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College: Despite the content of the Bowling of the Columbine film, united s experiences an overwhelming rate of gun related crimesand killings. The United states have made some steps in initiating laws to control gun purchase and ownership. Moore (2002) argues that Americans are violent and gun control laws should be enacted because easy access to guns necessitates killings. The second amendment was partly influenced by the Bowling for Columbine film. Criticism and rising concern on gun violence fueled the need for personal responsibility on gun use and increased police patrols.

The amendments achieved collective rights, sophisticated collective rights and standard model to different classes of people and defend their right to ownership of firearms. The documentary style used in the film brings out the message the movie is intended to deliver. The objective of the film is to bring out sanity and rationality of the Americans. Political activism in the movie is used to show the root cause of America’s plight and long history in gun violence (Petrie & Joseph, 2012). The use of cartoons and real shooting indicates the ruthless killings in the state that are triggered by loose morals and racism.

Personal bias is evident in the way Moore tries to bring out ideas from his personal perspective. For example, the critic on the governments laxity of control of gun violence and political exploitation. The language used in the film is easy to understand and is characterized by minimal profanity to make the movie interesting. Critics argue that although the movie has cheerful scenes but it is ironical in that it has been disapproved by many reviewers. ReferencesMoore M., (2002).

Bowling of Columbine. Alliance Atlantis Communications Film. Petrie, D., and Joseph M., (2012). The Art of Watching Films. Toronto, N.Y: McGraw-Hill.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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