Essays on Brand Positioning: Hewlett-Packard Case Research Paper

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The paper "Brand Positioning: Hewlett-Packard Case" is a wonderful example of a business research paper. A great deal of discussions has been and persists to be debated regarding the influence of brands, and the significance of brand positioning in influencing its sales and attracting the target customers. The term brand positioning was first used by Al Ries and Jack Trout in their book The Battle for Your Mind to illustrate the process of capturing the mind space of one’ s target customers.   According to them: "Positioning starts with a product. .. But positioning is not what you do to a product; Positioning is what you do with the mind of the prospect". Thus it is essential for the marketers to understand the mind space of its target customer groups as well as understand the manner in which the mind space of their rivals is vital for the success of their brands.

In view of this background, the concept of product positioning refers to ascertaining the manner in which a given product is to be professed in the minds of the target customers, as compared to its competitions.

H-P Invent, previously referred to as Hewlett-Packard, exploit the proficiencies of both: the HR division as well as its marketing efforts to ascertain that the organization is able to establish effective communication with its target customers and put across a strong message concerning its brand values which mainly comprise of an amalgamation of factors such as a  product signifying a positive, thorough, dependable, comprehensive and personal touch subsequently ensuring that these values are appropriately incorporated into the employer brand. Their latest advertising campaign titled: 'Everything is possible' is hence as appropriate, relevant and inspiring for its employees as it is for its target customers.

H. P stands for attributes such as customer loyalty, profitability, market leadership, growth, employee commitment, leadership capability, and global citizenship. Hence the product positioning statement for any brand must accentuate all its key values. A product positioning statement is a combination of various factors such as relevant market segment, the frame of reference for the identified market segment, the point of product differentiation as well as its competitive edge. Product Positioning Statement: For medium and small businesses and particularly to its youth and female customers, who desire easy to use, stylish and affordable laptops, with great features, H-P Invent is the brand which offers a combination of good looks, impeccable functionality, durability and value for money to its customers, unlike Dell or IBM which are relatively expensive and hence out of reach of the core market segment: youth, women and small-medium business enterprises. Role of price in this product categoryThe characteristics of the product or service, particularly the high price unit price items, lead international marketers to adopt local pricing strategies which are broadly similar for individual markets so that the positioning of specific products remains consistent from country to country.

Price plays an important role in product differentiation by enhancing the perceived value of the product and helping consumers to distinguish between offers from different competitors in order that their needs can be met. Laptop prices for instance range from low-cost cheap products for students to medium ranged products for generic users such as for individual/personal use to high-end premium-priced products for business use. Within this range, the individual manufacturers normally confine specific brands within particular pricing brands which are linked to the positioning of the brand the profile of the laptops within the range, and to the characteristics of the target market.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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