Essays on Segmentation and Targeting Strategy of Cadbury Pty Ltd Australia Case Study

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The paper "Segmentation and Targeting Strategy of Cadbury Pty Ltd Australia" is a great example of a case study on marketing. This report presents a case study analysis of the turnaround efforts of one Cadbury’ s Ltd Pty product; Picnic Chocolate Bar which has been recently on the decline in the Australian market. The report begins with a brief company profile of Cadbury Pty Ltd Australia. In the introduction, an overview of the Chocolate industry in Australia is also laid out. In the second section, the report discusses the segmentation and targeting approach adopted by Cadbury for its marketing activities in Australia.

In this section, the report identifies teenagers and adults aged between 12-49 years as the main target segment for Cadbury’ s Picnic bar. Thirdly, the report considers the User-generated content approach through the internet and social media approach applied by George Patterson Y& R to turn around the waning popularity of the Picnic Chocolate Bar in the Australian market. The report also considers the advertising communication objectives considered by Picnic in launching the advertising campaign and the reason the firm is able to achieve these objectives.

The report concludes that Picnic chocolate bar is likely to overtake its competitor and regain its top position in its market segment.   1.0 Introduction Cadbury Pty Ltd decided to expand internationally in 1919 after the merger within England with J. S fry in 1919 (IbisWorld, 2011). Cadbury is well engraved into Australian history as it was the supplier of chocolate rations to the Australian armed forces during the Second World War. The life history of Cadbury in Australia has been marked by multiple mergers and acquisitions and even a spinoff.

Currently, Cadbury Pty Ltd operates as a subsidiary of Mondelez International, Inc and operates from South Wharf, Australia. The formation of Cadbury Pty Ltd has enabled focus on the confectionery industry. Cadbury Pty Ltd engages in the business of manufacturing and selling cocoa and chocolate products (Belesina 2012). Its product range includes blocks of chocolate, boxed chocolates, chocolate bars, pre-teen confectionaries, old gold blocks, kosher products, ice creams, and show bags. Cadbury also produces special products for festive periods like Easter and Christmas including Easter eggs. Among the Cadbury brands that have been very popular in the Australian market include Cherry Ripe bar, Crunchie Bar, Freddo, Roses boxed Chocolate, Picnic bar, Time out Chocolates, Cadbury dream Block and Boosts bar.

One of Cadbury’ s unique and most loved chocolate bars in the Picnic chocolate bar which Cadbury refers to as “ Deliciously ugly” due to its messy nature. In the Australian market, Cadbury holds 41 percent of the confectionery market while its nearest competitor Mars Australia Pty has 18 percent of the market share (MarketingMag. com 2011). Australians are among the highest consumers of Confectionary with each Australian consuming an average of 6.7 kg of confectionery each year (MarketingMag. com 2011).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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