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Have the social habits of overseas students changed to become move similar to the social habits of British students since their arrival in the UK? INTRODUCTIONVisiting a new country that has totally new cultural beliefs, norms, values and practices has always been found to have varying effects on the individuals visiting. According to researches done, different individuals have different reactions to new cultures with some being resistant and negatively affected while others are positively receptive. In most cases adjusting well to a new environment allows one to competently perform the various roles required by a given social context.

As more and more education institutes in the United Kingdom work towards promoting internalization, more and more students from different parts of the world are getting enrolled into this UK institutions to undertake various courses of study (Forland, 2006). These students from different back grounds have different ways of reacting to the new culture with the aspect of culture shock emerging as a key attribute. Culture shock in this case refers to the effects of moving into a new and unfamiliar culture.

Research has indicated that over 90 percent of all international students studying in the UK experience culture shock during the first three to six months of their stay. Despite the culture shock arising from the cultural differences, the level and way of adjusting to the experience new culture is different for the various students with some being selecting on what values and practices to agree with and which to disagree with while others get completely carried away by the new found cultures and forget their own. One of the main areas of interest and concern in terms of culture and practices among students and the young generation in general is that of social habits and practices (Pedersen, 1995).

Social habits make up one of the cultural values and practices that international students moving to study in the UK may find different than those of their own. In this view, this research study was undertaken to critically evaluate and explain if the social habits of overseas students have changed to become more similar to the social habits of British students since their arrival in the UK.

METHODOLOGYThis study uses both qualitative and quantitative designs. The research is going to be undertaken from a sample of 100 students, 32 females and 68 males, studying in the UK and who are from different countries of origin. Purposive method of sampling will be used to select the students so as to be able to get those from different countries. The students will be selected from two colleges in the UK, South Thames College and Southgate College in London. Random sampling technique was used to select the two colleges.

Random sampling was effective in ensuring that each of the institution in London had an equal chance of being selected. The required data was collected using well constructed questionnaires which will be given to the respondents to fill. The questionnaire mainly contains close ended questions to allow for preciseness and ease in data analysis.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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