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The paper "The Performance of the Vehicle - BMW X1 " is a perfect example of a business assignment. The performance of the vehicle is an important aspect of its objectivity in the market. The BMW X1 is a high-performance vehicle that suits the objectives of the customers. Its speed is 220km/hr. Its acceleration is also 7.4/7.7 which is suitable for the customers. This is also an improvement of the earlier versions of BMW which also had high marketability. On the other hand, the vehicle has important features like the rear-wheel-drive which is convenient for different conditions.

The safety features of the vehicle are also important for the purposes of handling emergencies. These features are available in the BMW X1 and it has the ability to handle accidents and emergencies. The presence of the airbag is an important consideration that can save lives during emergencies. Competence of the product is also an important quality objective that has to be met during the production process (Carr, 2003). The company always ensures that tests are made for the cars before being released to the market.

This is mainly for the purposes of achieving competency. The durability of a product is also an important consideration for the customers (Chopra, et al, 2004). The BMW X1 is highly durable and hence it's convenient for the customers. The durability is attributed to the strong materials used for the manufacture of the vehicle. Since the vehicle is among the latest models, it comes in a variety of colors depending on the needs of the customers. This is an important aesthetic aspect of the vehicle. The service characteristics also play an important role in terms of determining the objectives of the product (Corsten, 2004).

Due to a strong chain supply of the company, the access to the product by the customers is guaranteed. The company is also reliable as it has the ability to meet the demands of the customers and hence satisfying their needs. The personal needs as well as the expectations of the customers are also success factors for the product. These factors have been considered in the design of the vehicle and hence its reliability. The needs of the customers are usually understood during the design process.

It is for this reason that the BMW X1 is able to meet most of the customer demands (Kable, 2010).

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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