Essays on The Application of Social Media in Online Shopping Literature review

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The paper “ The Application of Social Media in Online Shopping” is a worthy variant of the literature review on e-commerce. The use of social media has contributed to an emerging form of shopping that merchants use to purchase their products on the web known as social shopping. It involves both social networking as well as online shopping. the application of social media in online shopping can be done using social web sites such as; youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat. There is a growing number of merchants prone to use social media to assist in doing business.

The use of other technologies also assists this new-formed business type. This report explores the current situation of social media online shopping, also find the problems limit it as well as give a foreseeable development. What are some key questions that are going to be explored and answered in this project? This project will explore the following questions; 1. What is the development of online shopping in social media? 2. How can merchants use social media to do online shopping? 3. What are the majority of customer types of this new business form? 4.

What kind of technologies or marketing methods can be applied to assisting the development of social media online shopping? 5. What limits the development of social media on online shopping? How can we overcome it? 6. What prediction can be made about the ongoing development of social media online shopping? What is the development of online shopping in social media? According to staff (2010), online shopping in social media evolved during the process when businesses were shifting from real-time markets to digital markets. Since everybody is accessing the internet and visiting social sites, online shopping in social media is inevitable.

Social media enables social interactions among people where they can collaborate, learn, and share their ideas as well as opinions with other people. With the convenience that social media has brought, people and businesses were now able to interact with others in an environment that is self-paced and can contribute effectively. This has led to the creation of attractive social sites that attract merchants to interact with site owners and purchase their products online.


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