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The paper "Climate Change because of Global Warming" is a good example of environmental studies coursework.   The world is facing a number of disasters and serious problems. The issue of Climate Change specifically because of Global Warming is considered the most significant global environmental problem currently. It is a major concern and a focus of attention of people, communities, politicians, governments, businesses, scientists, environmentalists and everyone generally. This is because its effects are felt by all the people irrespective of age, geographical situation and profession (Simin et el, 2009). Global warming refers to a situation where there is an increase in the temperature on the surfaces air that is near the oceans as well as the earth.

Evidence of global warming Global warming has been detected since the mid-years of the 20th century. One of the reports that were released by a panel of intergovernmental about the issues of climate change in the year 2007, described that there was an increase in the earth’ s temperature by about 0.320 . The reason that was given for this circumstance was greenhouse gases concentration in the atmosphere.

This was due to the increase in human activities since that was the period when the world was experiencing an industrial revolution. There was also an increase in the burning of the fossils; much deforestation was also taking place. All of these activities were discovered to have an effect in the atmosphere in the sense that they cause a concentration of aerosols, which are responsible for blocking the sunlight (Alexandra, 2005). These rays do not reach the earth surface hence global warming. Projections are that there is likely to be much increase in the surface temperatures from 1.1 to around 6.4 by the 21st century.

This is because of increased industrial activities. The increase in some activities like great masses of ice that has been melting proves the increase in the temperatures. Between the years 1906 and 2005, there has been a recorded statistic in the available data showing that temperatures have changed by an estimate of 0.74  ±   0.18  ° C. The situation doubled with half a decade where the temperature was recorded as 0.13  ±   0.03  ° C. The year 2005 was one of the years recorded in the history of the world as being the second warmest while 2008 as being the warmest year (David, 2001).

The causes of global warming Global warming is caused by so many different factors which can be classified as natural causes and man-made activities. Natural These are factors, which exist naturally in nature. There are for instance some gases, which are part of the greenhouses gases that are very influential as far as global warming is concerned. These gases are known to contribute to about 33o of the temperatures.

One of the naturally existing gases in the atmosphere includes water vapor. This contributes to an estimate of a percentage in the temperature of 36– 70. Methane is another naturally existing gas, which causes a change of 4– 9 percent, carbon dioxide contribute to a percentage of 9– 26, and the ozone gas, which contributes to a change of about 3– 7 percent. Another very natural factor that affects the temperatures hence global warming is the clouds (Alexandra, 2005). It causes the effect in that it interferes with the balance in radiations. Their effect depends on if they are in the form of ice or liquid.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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