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La Experencia Cubano Overview This resort aims at providing the most extraordinary and exclusive experience throughoutCuba. Its main goal is to grow to the most popular hotel and casino complex in Latin America. It will be mainly involved in providing extraordinary services to visitors while respecting the authenticity of the Cuban culture. The slogan for the resort will match its mission statement. It will also include a defined theme which will provide a sense of change; it can be seasonal, or it can be attached with the different famous festivals of Cuba.

It will help tourists to feel the pulse of life at Cuba, and the festivals, other than that the resort happenings, will be famous among tourists for their versatility. Besides, the resort can be affordable for a budget visitor as well. Strengths and Weaknesses Being situated in a sunny Caribbean island, resort is bond to flourish as a tourist destination. It will offer its benefits to citizens, as well as government, through employment and revenue respectively. The key aspect of its strength is that it will be located in Havana which protects the US civilians and representatives of other nationalities at the governmental level.

This will attract more tourists; hence, there will be increased revenue. However, Cuba’s ruling by the communist party is a sort of weakness for the resort. This is because there are strict regulations concerning arrivals to and departures from the country (“Law, Regulations, & Public Policy”). There is also serious social distortion within the country due to various interactions and the developing tourism. Opportunities Tourism is among the chief resources of revenue for Cuba; this represents an exceptional opportunity for the resort.

This is because the tourists already have a keen eye for the destination as a significant attraction. The resort will use versatile strategies, for instance, heavy mass media advertising, to make its existence known to the world. The provision of various activities, such as dance and music festivals etc, will attract foreigners. Cooking different types of food and world cuisines will ensure retention of tourists. As a result of specialization in Cuban culture, the resort expands its opportunities for various people of the world. Recommendations Creation of a website would be a significant step towards expanding the market for the resort.

This is because millions of people are using social networks which increase a chance of instant recognition. The website would provide the information upon all the facilities available at the resort. It will also enhance online bookings and a forum solving problems related to tourism in Cuba and especially Havana. Working in close collaboration with travel agencies is also highly necessary. This will raise the growth of business, as well as improve the offer of distinctive discounts to mutual customers.

Collaboration with other companies would help in generating substantial business plans as a way to tailor their own solutions to think creatively about how to meet their needs in the best way possible. A guest book where tourists can share their experience will be beneficial for future expansion, both online and offline. Furthermore, location of the resort and guide map must be provided at the website. Securing more facilities at the website means attracting more potential customers, thus, adding guidelines related to money exchanges, banks, and hospitals is highly recommended. Work cited Law, Regulations, & Public Policy.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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