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The paper "Strategic Plan for XYZ Inc" is a wonderful example of a case study on management. Strategic planning refers to a management tool that assists an organization to focus on its capacity in ensuring that organization members are functioning toward the achievement of the same goals and to assess as well as adjust the firm's direction in reaction to a varying business environment. In other words, strategic planning forms a disciplined attempt to produce vital decisions and undertakings that shape and direct what a firm is, its key activities, and the reasons for the activities while focusing in the future.

The procedure is considered strategic because it entails preparing the paramount way to react to the situations of the firm's environment, whether the circumstances are identified in advance or not. Strategic planning has become an important tool for responding to change in all types of organizations (Goodstein, Nolan, & Pfeiffer, 1993). This essay will generate a hypothetical strategic plan for XYZ Inc. using a goal-based strategic planning model. Strategic Plan for XYZ Inc XYZ Inc is a multinational organization that deals in computer software and related systems that are targeted towards both small and big business organizations.

Its strategic plan will comprise of three phases which are the pre-planning phase, strategic planning phase, and functional phase. Pre-planning phase Vision XYZ’ s vision is to be the world’ s most customer-centered computer software organization, to pay attention to customers’ specific needs and deliver edge-cutting technology, products, and services that customers trust and are of great value to them. Mission XYZ designs produce, and also promotes advanced systems that are aimed at facilitating enhanced capturing of data as well as management of transaction processing for business organizations.

The web-oriented systems work together with high-quality hardware which is supplied by key integrators. XYZ sells its systems to small, medium as well as big-sized firms within the health, banking and industrial sectors of the economy for a wide assortment of professional applications. The company’ s computer systems are very distinct from those of its rivals with reference to such features as scalability, ease of adjustment, sophisticated interfaces, and they are comprehensively patented.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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