Essays on Resource Management - The Key Requirements for Businesses in Different Sectors Coursework

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The paper "Resource Management - The Key Requirements for Businesses in Different Sectors" is an outstanding example of coursework on business. Managers should come up with reliable strategies as well as user-friendly tools to help benchmark current as well as forecast future resource consumption. They should also implement resource efficacy and conservation measures. Before determining resources in an organization, it is important to conduct a business scan that focuses on recognizing the external aspects that may impact the workforce ability, operational needs including emerging issues. It is important for an external scan to consider the existing opportunities which can be of great benefit to the department.

This will also enable one to identify potential risks that exist in the external environment which enables the firm to identify strategies to manage the risks (Warnock & Suszko, 2013, p. 87). It is also to conduct both current and future resource requirements which are often projected about the review of departmental priorities, objectives, goals as well as environmental scanning. It is also important to examine the outcomes of the gap analysis in order to attain the desired outputs in accordance with the departments (Bach & Edwards, 2013, p.

22). Bookshop business The book shops will sell different school books for all grades ranging from junior students to those in senior colleges. It will also include several childhood games and short stories besides those used in the curriculum. Five employees will help in running the shop. The resources will, therefore, include human resources, funds, energy, books, and games for sale among other things. Restaurant business Type of resources includes energy, water, chemicals as well as consumables. In regard to the growing demand, many several guides on how to appropriately manage and conserve resources have implemented across the globe.

The restaurants will include human resources, guest rooms, beds, and entertainment systems among others. Beef industry The beef business continues to change in regard to changing consumer demands, as well as the growing competition from other businesses. However, the foundation of feasible beef trading is effective and efficient resource management by cattle producers.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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