Essays on Respond To Colleagues Post - Impact Of Unmet Expectations On Employee Attitudes Coursework

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Unmet employee expectations Unmet employee expectations Though Nate has clearly explained that the Tobie had some unmet expectations, I do not agree with him on the part of the realistic job preview. I do not think that there is any company out there that is capable of telling its potential employees about its negativities. Even if a company can paint a clear picture of its operations to its employees, it is not new for companies to exaggerate a little about their daily operations (Maden, 2013). The reason is that is such companies could be so frank with their potential employees, and then very few of them would accept the jobs given.

It would be difficult for Walden sports to paint a clear picture of its operations to its potential employees. However, it is pertinent for various companies to come up with a forum for their employees to talk about their problems in and solving them. Walden sports is taking a good move in ensuring that they improve their job performance by listening to issues that employees face and coming up with ways of solving them. I can, however, connect and understand the experiences of Tobbie and other employees in the organization since I also had such an experience.

I once worked in an organization that where the picture painted during the interviews was quite different from the actual operations of the organization. The picture painted was that employees are encouraged to communicate freely with their seniors about any burning issue. However, working there was one of the most difficult days of my life. Socialization of new employees was not available and as a new employee, I had to find my way around.

In addition, there was literally no one to talk to. Every time I approached a senior person to talk to, they could refer me to another person and the cycle continues until I gave up. ReferenceMaden, C. (2013). Understanding employees responses to unmet career expectations. Academy of Management Proceedings.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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