Essays on Response chapter 7&8 Assignment

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Topic: Methods of persuasion in business writing Comparison is a good method of persuasive writing. As the sounds it is the same as contrasting. It measures the differences and the similarities of two things. Comparison is used to explain related theories. Comparison explains differences between two subjects or to convince people that one subject is superior to the other. It also helps in distinguishing confused items. Persuasive comparisons give one subject being superior to the other. In this case it is argued that one product is cheaper than the other product.

The thesis portrayed in persuasive comparisons is that one subject is superior to the other. Persuasive comparison relies mostly on critical thinking. (Jesnniey 116) One has to present convincing evidence to persuade a skeptical audience. The person using persuasive comparison should make sure that he has proof to the people before they accept the policies you are selling to them. When one is selecting the ways of comparing he should be sure of the examples he uses since they should be easy to explain and be understood by the people.

One should be cautious and avoid giving obvious differences. The person representing the persuasive comparison should be able to explore the possibilities using different strategies. The person using the comparison persuasion should make sure that he has got his points aligned well systematically. The points should be meaningful and enough to convince the skeptical audience. Describe one step at a time and make sure you explore all the subjects. (jesnniey 89) A short and precise comparison is better compared to a long and tiresome one which would lead to boredom to the people.

For longer and technical period of time it is advisable to compare a subject on a range of issues. A good example is whereby one uses metaphors and similes. One is able to compare two scenarios to something that the reader accepts to be true. The comparisons used should be valid and one should make sure that the content is well understood and all the definitions made are correctly done. If the writer has limited content he should take time to research on the topics to write about in order to come up with a good content.

The recommendations given should be let out openly in the easiest way possible. Like one would take this topic as an example, comparing the male and female attitudes towards marriage. The content should give the males’ view and the females ‘view. After all one should come up with a good conclusion on his recommendations. (Jennies 56) 2. Join Us You should consider allowing us to be at your services since we are willing to deliver our best services to you without any disappointments or regrets.

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Our services are stabilized so join us. Work Cited Jesnniey, Mullen. Email Marketing: an Hour a Day. New York: John Wiley & Sons. Copyright, 2011.Print

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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