Essays on Environmental Management Practices and Sustainability Programs Essay

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The paper "Environmental Management Practices and Sustainability Programs" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. Environmental management practices have become necessary tools in the management of several organizations. The truth is that, in the current world, no organization can avoid the need to be eco- friendly. Organizations need to invest in the production of environmentally friendly products that cannot cause negative effects on the environment. Managers are coastally bothered by stakeholders to explain measures they have taken in ensuring that their organizations conform to environmental, social and sustainability practices.

Organizations that undertake environmental conservation measures will get ahead of the competition (Lovins, Lovins & Hawken, 2007). John correctly outlines that raw materials should be processed into other useful products and distributed to consumers. After usage, the products should be recycled in order to reduce wastes that can affect the environment negatively. Recycled products can be reused in the form of raw materials. This ensures that waste reduction goals are achieved through redesign and reimaging process. It should be noted that redesign and reimaging are cost-effective to any business organization because they reduce any negative environmental effects on the environment.

Some of the organizations that have undertaken this initiative include the Hewlett Packard. The company has been able to redesign most of its products. They have been able to achieve redesign through the replacement of adhesives with snap-in features that make the recycling process easier (Orsato, 2009). I do agree with Brandon that organizations must engage in sustainability programs, which focuses on the connection between humans and the environment, and emphasizes that we must take this connection into account in our decision making or these resources will not be adequate for the coming generation.

Environmental concern measures are increasingly becoming a cheap way of doing business. Lack of initiatives in this area can lead to a massive loss of revenue since consumers would only want to associate with an organization that is environmentally friendly. In the long run, organizations that cannot engage in environmental conservation measures will find themselves out of business. However, there are organizations that pretend to be environmentally sustainable while engaging in environmentally harmful activities. These types of organizations risk being accused of “ greenwashing” .

The organizations that work in pretense risk losing their brand value and customer loyalty (Esty & Winston, 2006).   According to Weybrech (2010), the main reason why most organizations do not participate in sustainability is cost. Organizations should realize that sustainability costs are short term. Huge benefits can be realized from sustainability programs in the long term. Eco-advantage measures will work in the United States. This is because consumers are constantly becoming aware of environmental degradation practices. Effects of nonresponsive measures have been witnessed all over America and in the rest of the world.

No consumer would like to associate with companies that contribute negatively to the environment. The redesign must be undertaken by all organizations. Brandon asserts that redesign means ensuring that a product reaches the end of its useful life cycle. We must examine how we can reuse the product in other means or recycle as much of the product as possible. This will eliminate waste and help reduce waste products in a fragile environment.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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