Essays on Response to the Various Complains Concerning Poor Services in Virgin Hotel Case Study

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The paper “ Response to the Various Complains Concerning Poor Services in Virgin Hotel" is a convincing variant of a case study on marketing. I as the Marketing Manager of Virgin, I apologize for the various problems that our customers have been enduring, especially in terms of meals. Some of the problems that the customers have been encountering during the meals are very serious. This has contributed to the reduced number of customers, who are interested in purchasing foods from Virginia. Some of the problems that the customers have been enduring during meals can be solved.

Solving the problems will ensure that our customers are attended to according to their demands. This will increase the number of customers that will visit the restaurant. The more quality services are provided to the client is the more profitable gains that the hotel will receive. However, because of the poor services that are provided by the hotel, most customers have been discouraged from visiting and eating in the Virgin hotel. The poor services that are received by the client are because of various different aspects. Although the Virgin hotel has been undergoing various challenges, it should implement various diverse measures to solve the problems.

This will ensure that the number of customers visiting the hotel increases. Other hotels in the same region have become more competitive in nature. This is because of the quality and unique services that the hotel offers to the customers. Some of the key aspects that have caused an increase in the number of poor services that are offered to the clients encompass the increased number of customers. Since customers have increased, the quality of the services has also decreased because of the number of services.

Another reason that has caused poor service delivery to customers is the change in management in the hotel. The management of the Virgin hotel was changed because of the increase in the number of corruption cases. The increased demand in the services that are provided by the Virgin hotel is another factor that has promoted to the poor services offered. To be able to offer genuine services, the Virgin hotel has to increase the number of employees. This is to ensure that the demand of customers is rectified.

An extra recommendation that can be enacted to ensure that customers complain are rectified is by training the inexperienced clients. Most of the employees that are employed by the Virgin hotel are inexperienced. This is one of the vital aspects that are affecting the services that are offered to customers. Correcting the above challenge will ensure that the Virgin hotel receives more customers hence becoming competitive in nature. Yours SincerelyRichard Branson Literature SummaryThe problem that is faced by the customers of the Virgin hotel can be rectified in different ways.

The main problems that actually face customers that visit the Virgin hotel is the poor food preparation and the poor serving methods. Problems facing the Virgin hotel For Compensation PurposesCustomers that obtain food and services usually complain because of the fact that they usually want to obtain compensation. Customers are usually forced to complain to the Virgin hotel for the main reason of receiving compensation. The prices of foods and services that are offered in the Virgin hotel are usually expensive. This is for the key reason that the services and the foods are usually of high quality (Telegraph Media Group Ltd, 2009).

This makes it extremely expensive for some customers to purchase products especially if there is an economic crisis. For this reason, because of the struggle of the customers, the Virgin hotel is usually forced to compensate the consumer to be able to receive more customers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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