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The paper "Restaurant Business at Adelaide, in South Australia" is an outstanding example of a business assignment. The plan herein gives an in-depth description of a restaurant to be set up in Adelaide, in South Australia. The restaurant has been designed to address the poorly served needs of the people of Southern Australia. These gaps have resulted from the fact that the region is served to a large extent by small scale operators. The hotel business will incorporate meals served within the premises; served on order to outside customers and fast foods sold inside the restaurant and surrounding retail malls. It is expected to record increased revenues with time.

This is expected to be a result of a stable economic environment, continued growth in incomes of the population and favourable climatic conditions. The business will be financed from owner capitalization and long term loans. The business is poised to be faced with the financial risk of unexpected price hikes for agricultural products due to unforeseen events that may crop up. The name of the business shall be Maverickie Restaurant. It will be registered as a middle-level private company operating in the hospitality industry.

Maverickie will offer specialized high-quality services meant for the high and middle-income class. Its fast food menu will own branded and will create categories for each nutrient requirement and other designs that are a combination of different nutrients. Maverickie will endevour to provide high-quality products while adhering to all food policy guidelines and regulations. Concern for the health of the consumers will be the main focus for all food products. The Marketing Plan Environmental Analysis Approximately 88% of the market share is taken up by small business operators.

These are entities that employ 20 or fewer workers (PWC 2009). These operators are not connected in the chain neither are they franchised by huge corporations. There is little emphasis on brand recognition wars. Small operators designate their services as budget hotels by offering prices that target the middle and to some extent the minority low-income earners.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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