Essays on Rethinking Ethical Issues in Global Business Environment Annotated Bibliography

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The paper "Rethinking Ethical Issues in Global Business Environment" is an outstanding example of a business annotated bibliography.   Managers in globalized environments consider business ethics phenomenon as vital due to increased policies of liberalization and globalization. Business qualms, diversity push and changing demographics brought by globalization policy thus; resulting in corporate cultures of business less homogenous and competitive. Therefore, global environments need to be responsible enough when it comes to the omission of ethical dilemmas experienced. Relativism, universalism, and imperialism ideologies are philosophies (schools of thought) aimed at solving these ethical dilemmas, but currently, they have not succeeded in doing so because business ethics is considered self-regulatory.

Across borders, managers need to integrate ethical dimensions in their business ventures by bearing in mind the strategic process of decision-making. This is fostered by imposing fundamental moral principles that are universal for all participating countries. The article concludes by remarking how beneficial it is to build a relationship supporting customer satisfaction and value in organizations. Sustainable competition in an organization is achieved through the use of professional ethics and good practices in business. Fitzpatrick, M 1983, ‘ The Definition and Assessment of Political Risk in International Business: A Review of the Literature, Academy of Management Review, vol.

8, no. 2, pp. 249-254.This article gives varied explanations and definitions of political uncertainty with respect to the integration of the investment decision-making process. It is an excellent article to study because it gives the reader a wide range of possibilities and options to choose from when it comes to understanding political risks from different angles displayed. An analysis and evaluation of the political situation show how it is differentiated from the economic environment and examines the impacts of international business.

The impacts mentioned contribute to political risks in international business and exemplifies this by using real-time examples and how they affect investment opportunities.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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