Essays on Public Organizations and Private Contractors Assignment

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The paper "Public Organizations and Private Contractors" is a worthy example of an assignment on business. There are several instances when public organizations have sought the services of private contractors. Garbage collection service (Berman, E., 2006, p. 176) is one. For example, the State of New York has made privatization an option in their solid waste collection problem. (DiNapoli, T., n.d) Another instance is when hospitals acquire private contracts for services in indigent care and public health. (Berman, E., 2006, p. 176) Research conducted on the matter suggests that privatization of a public hospital can be a solution to efficiency and service quality issues.

(Metsch, J.M. , et. al., 1997)  Privatization becomes an advantage when it means the service will be prompt and efficient (Berman, E., 2006, p. 176) and provide savings (Berman, E., 2006, p. 176) However, privatization also comes with risks such as the existence of private monopolies (Berman, E., 2006, p. 177) and underperformance of the contractor (Berman, E., 2006, p. 176). The aspect in my organization that could be contracted out is the security system, both equipment, and personnel. This should be contracted because recent events have shown that lapses in this aspect have resulted in severe consequences.

Currently, my organization does not have adequate means to keep track of the students it is responsible for. Getting new personnel does not ensure that losing a student will happen again. It also does not assure management that those responsible are accountable. However, getting a private contractor to facilitate the installation and maintenance of a security system that would provide the organization with a tracking system would be a big help. With a tracking system in place, it would be easier to account for both students and staff in the organization.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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