Essays on What Is Involvement and How Marketers Can Influence Consumer Case Study

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The paper "What Is Involvement and How Marketers Can Influence Consumer" is a worthy example of a case study on marketing. Consumer involvement refers to the extent of importance a consumer attaches to a certain product that influences consumer behavior and decisions when purchasing products? It can also be defined as It varies with age, sex, occupation, and income. Consumer involvement varies depending on the type of product and consumer lifestyle and preferences. Generally, consumer involvement is higher for expensive products such as cars, homes or if a product is of significance to them e. g.

energy drink for athletes. Consumer involvement depends on the product nature and consumer psychology. There are certain factors which influence customer involvement such as personal, product  and situational factors A marketing strategy is a company’ s approach that joins all the organization’ s goals into one plan. It can also be defined as a process that allows a company to concentrate its resources with the greatest opportunities with the aim of achieving competitive advantage and increasing company sales at the same time satisfying customer needs. Good marketing concentrates on the right product mix and is developed from market research.

It is the foundation of a good marketing plan. Marketing encompasses ensuring the right product gets to the right place at the right time and cost with most proper promotional activities. Red bull has been able to develop the most appropriate marketing strategy by using the following concepts so as to ensure consumer involvement. Red Bull ensures customer engagement through sports, heroism, and ideals by sponsoring sports and music activities. Also, they use viral clips that depict feats of heroism and athleticism from athletes who consume the drink.

Red Bull relied more on word of mouth marketing. It has been able to develop a brand image by designing their can to be eye-appealing and making the can look more youthful. Red Bull has used blue and silver trucks with a big can mounted on the trucks. They gave out free samples of the drink to club DJ’ S and people in short of energy on the streets as a way of promoting their brand (Sicher, 2011). The main objective of my paper is to discuss the elements of print media and its impact on consumer behavior.

Also in this paper, I will discuss the theories of consumer behavior and how they have been used to improve consumer involvement. The Red Bull energy drink was founded in the early 1980s by Dietrich Mateschitz. He was the one behind the creation of the red bull formula as well as the unique marketing concept. In 1987, the red bull was sold in its country of origin for the first time. The products of the red bull are Red Bull Energy Drink, Red Bull sugar-free, Red Bull Energy Shot and Red Bull Cola.

Red Bull Company produces the leading energy drink in the world. It constitutes 70% of the world's market share of energy drinks.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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