Essays on Ethical and Other Issues in Business Research Case Study

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The paper “ Ethical and Other Issues in Business Research” is an excellent example of a case study on business. The following are the issues that arise from the review and reflection on the three case studies. The issues chosen are different from those covered by the case studies. The first issue entails the scope and scale of business research. Essentially, the scope of business research is a function of constraints of time and data (Jankowicz 2005, p. 52). When deciding on the scale and scope of business research, a researcher is influenced by the availability of resources such as time and the data required for the research.

This is applicable to both basic and applied research. According to Sreejesh, Mohapatra and Anusree (2009, p. 54), time constraints in applied business research determine to what extent research is carried out. Although it is always ideal that business decisions are made based on information derived from research, the urgency of the matter may make it necessary for decisions to be made without thorough research being carried out. Also, in the event of time being a limiting factor, the scope of business research may be adjusted in terms of the variables studied and the amount of data collected in the research. With regard to the data required for research, the scale and scope of the research are influenced by the availability of the required data.

In practice, the decision making process in business depends on the information possessed by the management (Bajpai 2011, p. 24). It is in cases where this information is not sufficient for rational decision making that business research is carried out to supplement the information.

In such cases, the scale of the research will be determined by the extent to which information required to make decisions is missing. Another factor that determines the scope and scale of a business research is the cost benefit of the research. In a business setting, a research is solely conducted with the potential benefit for the organisation in mind (Kothari 2004, p. 109). A research is conducted to provide sufficient information necessary for the management to make sound decisions for the benefit of the organisation.


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