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IntroductionWorking in a team has proven to be quite fascinating. Basically, it is quite unfair to compare the environment of working in a team to that of working as an individual. The diversity of ideas provides a pool of intellectual wealth from which every member is in a position to develop. What an individual is able to learn while working in a group is quite multifaceted in dimension. Individuals are not just limited to the subject of study, but instead are able to come in touch with the experience of dealing with many people.

It grooms an individual for leadership roles in the organization and the society in overall. Besides, no one that has ever worked in a group will fail to appraise the synergy created when people are working together (Engleberg & Wynn 2012, p44). It is simply an amazing and incredible experience. My role in the GroupThe reason I find the team performance excellent is directly attributed to the roles I played in the position I was in the group. It is hard to single out a specific role I played throughout the period.

This is based on the fact that every discussion we used to have had unique specifications and experience. Nevertheless, I would have to point some specific roles I played that in one way or another determined the direction of the discussion. One role that I might have undertaken on various occasion was acting as an initiator. Most of the discussions that we used to have during that period were mostly initiated by me. I happened to be good and triggering group members into a certain way of thinking.

Though this, I would often find myself defining discussion problems to be tackled in the group. On several occasions, I found myself at the centre of motions being discussed. This on several occasions determined the way the discussion was to be undertaken. Besides being an initiator, I was also engaged in what one would call consensus testing. I used to achieve this through the process of trying to ensure that the solution arrived at is not an imposition by just a clique of people. It was in the bid of ensuring such contributions made in the group were purely resolutions for the whole group (Levi 2010, p92).

I later learnt that this was one way of ensuring cohesiveness in the group. We could not allow discussions made by individual members to polarize the whole group. This was one way through which we would put the interests of the group ahead of any other individual demands. How my role influenced group performanceAll members of the team could bear witness that any time I was absent the group discussion was disoriented in some way.

I came to realize that I was adding some flavour to the group that made discussions not only organized, but also lively. It is hard to imagine how a debate will be spurred without a good initiator of such a discussion. I specifically used to influence the direction of the discussion.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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