Essays on Airline Marketing Service by Domestic and Foreign Firms Research Paper

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The paper 'Airline Marketing Service by Domestic and Foreign Firms' is a great example of journal articles that explain how to make a marketing that will help companies penetrate the market. The market plan will help even the new companies to have a share in a competitive market. The journals give the steps to follow while making good marketing in every industry (Stewart 2006). The journals also give different definitions of the term marketing plan. The journals have given examples from the airline industry and have scenarios of new entrants in the market.

The major objective of this review is to come with ways of making a marketing plan that is all-inclusive and can work in any industry. The scope of these journals is the provision of high-quality services in the airline industry. The journals try to explain how a new airline service provider can enter the market and compete with the big companies in the industry. A marketing plan is a guideline for all the activities that a company uses to penetrate the industry market in order to sell its products and have a share in the market (Akosy 2003).

To start with when formulating a marketing plan solid industry and market analysis are vital. A marketing plan works with coordination with the business plan because it is not independent they are related (Driver 1999). The scope and objectives The main objective of this review is to identify how a new competitor can have a share in the market, the methods to use to penetrate the market, identify the current gaps in the airline industry. The goals of this review are to see how the current gaps in the industry can be breached, establish a direct link between the companies and the customers, market penetration as a new player in the market (Driver 1999).

Another goal is to derive customer satisfaction from the services offered by airline companies. These objectives can be achieved through the use of the market mix, which is also known as the 4 Ps of marketing. The marketing mix as in the journals has been explained to be in line with the airline services. Methodology The journals have used statistics and research in the current players in the industry so as to establish the existing gaps in the airline industry (Akosy 2003).

The journals used questionnaires to gather information from the management of the airline companies who were chosen in a random way. This information is statistically analyzed and presented in graphs and pie charts to make it easy to understand. In the travel industry, the current players such as Air America, Fly emirates, Air Dubai does not satisfy customer needs because the market is too big for them to exhaust. Therefore, world travel services will take advantage of these weaknesses to satisfy customer needs and penetrate the market.

Also, the current major players in the industry are poorly distributed only in the major cities again this is a major weakness which world travel services will capitalize on, by providing its services everywhere in the world (Stewart 2006). Also, the ability to get access to the world travel service through the internet and social networks will increase the company’ s clientele base.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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