Essays on SERVQUAL Analysis for Airline Industry Research Proposal

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The paper "SERVQUAL Analysis for Airline Industry" is a great example of a research proposal on management. The quality  of products applies to both products and services. This may involve delivery and communication that meets a customers’ expectation or beyond customer expectation. Passengers respond differently to different experiences and rating quality. The rate quality differently depending on their experience and demographic backgrounds. Aksoy Et. al (2003) notes that understanding the consumers’ different expectations and profiles enables firms to deal with both the local and foreign airlines to consider all their customers and include them in their marketing strategies.

Firms offering airline services are among the many organizations that are increasingly recognizing the importance of measuring the quality of their services. This is becoming necessary for all services providing firms. According to Driver (1999), marketing in the airline industry is evolving at a high rate. These changes occurring as a form of the marketing strategies all aim at improving the quality of services that the firms offer in order to meet the expectations of their customers. To this effect, there is a need to analyze the passages needs, who are customers, and their views on the services that these airlines offer.

This involves the study of the gap between the passengers’ expectations and the actual quality of the services they obtain. The paper observes the SERVQUAL technique of analysis as the appropriate procedure for analyzing the services of domestic and foreign airline firms. Scope and objectives of the paper This study covers the areas of consumer profiles, the extent of consumer expectations, and also considers the satisfaction that consumers derive from the services the airline firms offer.

From the study of both articles, the study revolves around the airline industry alone and customers and service providers within the industry. The study also reviews both local and international airlines such as the Istanbul Ataturk Airport and areas of close relations to the airline industry.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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