Essays on Towards a Model for International Business Ethics by Nader Asgary and Mathew Mitschow Article

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The paper “ Towards a Model for International Business Ethics by Nader Asgary and Mathew Mitschow” is a creative example of the article on business. The essay is a discussion of the paper on business ethics titled, “ Towards a Model for International Business Ethics. ” The article that is authored by Nader Asgary and Mathew C. Mitschow is a publication of the Springer Publishers and features in the Journal of Business Ethics by Springer Publishers and the publication date is cited as March 2002. It covers discussions about business ethics and the possibility of the development of a global code of ethics in the current world of international business and globalization.

It provides useful information about international business ethics but with a biased selection of the best practices through secondary research done on certain Canadian and Australian companies. The central themes presented in the article include the ethical considerations within businesses in the global context. There are discussions on the basic business ethics and the ones that vary based on the culture, law, and leniency of compliance to laws of the individual countries where such businesses are located.

There are discussions about the problems that face international corporations within the global context with regard to adherence to business values as stipulated by their countries of origin and the subsequent integration of such laws with those of the host countries. The article also covers the difficulties involved in the adaptation of such businesses to the cultures of the host countries, which concurs with various research (Militaru and Zanfir, 2012). The comparison between the developed and the developing countries shows that more established and reliable ethical standards lead to lower foreign investment.

There is a record of research conducted on some Canadian and Australian companies for their consideration of business ethics. The findings from the research form the basis on which several principles of the International Business Code of Ethics (IBCE) are generated by the group. The generation of the principles involves internet research and case studies of various organizations (242).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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