Essays on Need for Strategic Human Resources Planning in a Hospital Essay

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The paper "Need for Strategic Human Resources Planning in a Hospital" is a delightful example of an essay on human resources. Strategic HR planning is an important process that determines the current and future HR needs for a particular organization in order to achieve its organizational goals. Strategic HR planning creates a link between the overall strategic plan and HR management of an organization (Wright & McMahan, 1992). This essay is all about reviewing the needs for strategic HR planning in a hospital. The study will review the needs for strategic HR planning in South Island Hospital.

South Island hospital is one of the large public sector organizations. Almost 2300 employees are delivering significant secondary health care services to the people of South Island. This assignment will examine the strategic HR management planning of the hospital in the light with recent practices, conclusions about the state of SHRP and effective recommendation plan. Needs-based planning, collaboration among disciplines, competitive human resource policies, the balance between professional and personal life and healthy workplace are the key principles relative to the argument (Cocharne & Macfarlane, 2001).

Needs-based planning will help the hospital to anticipate the emerging current health needs of the total population that is determined by cultural, geographic, epidemiological and demographic factors. Interprofessional collaboration principles will help health professionals to communicate with other subordinates in the workplace. It will help to co-ordinate the efforts in the patient’ s best interest. Competitive human resource policy will help the health professionals to maintain a supportive working environment, which is framed to attract and retain the policies through comprehensive approaches. An effective balance between personal and professional life can be maintained through effective planning.

It will help to motivate the health staff to perform effectively that can help in achieving the organizational goal. Maintaining a healthy workplace is the key principle for a hospital. The administrators and decision-makers need to give importance to a healthy workplace that can support their health and safety strategies. Strategies and policies cannot be implemented effectively until the operational framework is in the right place. Lack of continuous investment in strategic HR planning can make it difficult for South Island hospitals to achieve organizational goals.                         The political conflict between the strategic and political HRM function is affecting the work environment of South Island hospital.

Lack of strategic HR planning is the key reason behind the conflict. Poor communication strategy and organizational commitment can harm organizational culture. It is evident from the above arguments that South Island hospital is suffering from several organizational issues. The following recommendation plans will help the organization to overcome these issues.                       The operation manager needs to convince the board of managers to implement the collaboration process among the workplace disciplines. The key priorities for operational HR need to be defined.

The baseline of HR information can be developed in the organization. It will help the HR team to identify the critical HR issues (Theissen, 2003). This identification of issues will help them to formulate desired strategies. South Island Hospital needs to consider suitable ways in order to help the managers to understand the organizational direction. It will increase the responsibility of those managers to implement appropriate strategies.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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