Essays on Tech-Shield Problems in the Company Assignment

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The paper "Tech-Shield Problems in the Company" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. Thank you for reading this email despite your busy schedule. This is concerning our next meeting proposed for Monday, October 20th. I am afraid I may not be available for the meeting since I will be working on a number of reports due the same day. Could we kindly reschedule the meeting to another day that will be convenient for both of us? I also needed to highlight some Tech-Shield problems to be discussed in that meeting. These are: Payment amount increment Gender imbalance at work Nepotism when hiring and considering promotions Working hours and making Fridays casual days Possibility of alternating working hours per week.

If one worked long hours in a particular week, the person can work less hours the following week. Issues of understaffing How we can enhance specialization and division of labor. Work notices Scheduling of meetings and travel time allowance I believe these are the most pertinent issues affecting us now. The discussion will aim at arriving at solutions to some problems as well as creating new avenues for success. However, it is important to note that this year has been particularly good for us.

Some of the ideas suggested early in the year were well received and have worked. Among them were reducing expenses at Tech-Shield by installing lights auto-sensors, encouraging ride-sharing programs, and introducing daycare to address the issues of parents working long hours. However, employees need to be informed more on the day care facility to enhance its importance in the company. I look forward to an environment that is issue free. I look forward to the meeting.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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