Essays on Revolutionary Marketing Strategies for New Carbon Tax Case Study

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The paper "Revolutionary Marketing Strategies for New Carbon Tax" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. The marketing concept is well appreciated in quite a number of disciplines. An effective formulation and implementation of the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) plan that will seemingly overwhelm the stakeholders (policy developers including the federal government) should continuously trail a good marketing concept. Consequently, the target in the IMC plan will always remain as consumers’ needs and therefore meeting these set objectives will be the main aim of the plan. The reason for designing an Integrated Marketing Communication plan for new products and services is specifically to support advertising and promotion programs of the new products as well as giving a clear understanding of needs to the concerned parties. Revolutionary marketing strategies for new carbon tax in most of the companies in Australia were articulated in two decades ago.

The main aim was to assist customers to understand better the mixed reactions of political situations in the country that were related to greenhouse gas releases, reimbursement of trade-exposed firms, household reimbursement as well as tax reforms whereby there was a proposal of $3 million per year dollar provision for emissions.

This later required administering of additional budget on resources so as to meet the objectives. However, the introduction of a new carbon tax in Australia did not fully compensate the customers from these sensations. Therefore, the federal government had to develop institutional policies that will differentiate those that will be compensated for those who will not, and to determine the effectiveness of the carbon tax policy. Largely, the matter of climate change has profoundly affected a large scale of demography in Australia.

People have been displaced, have contracted diseases and to some extent, have been affected by the natural calamities in the regions. Apart from these effects, the country has also experienced a rise in sea level thus threatening the life along the coastal regions. Literature review The New York Times written by Gregory Mankiw (2007, 1-3) pointed out clearly the gap that is there on global climate change which needs to be bridged. The gap is actually between the policy developers and policy advisors.

That means if there is reconciliation between the two groups, then there will be effective management of carbon IV oxide in the environment. Scientists express that emission from humans raises temperatures in the environment. On the other hand, economists proof that when something is taxed, there is an assurance of getting small out of it. Therefore, the global carbon tax will actually be used to reduce these emissions that may perhaps affect the health of a person. Apart from reducing emissions, the new carbon tax also aids in raising revenue for the government.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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