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The paper "Reward Systems Available to Schweppes Australia Inc" is a wonderful example of a case study on management. Reward management can be defined as formulating and implementing strategies as well as policies with the aim of rewarding employees equitably, fairly as well as consistently in line with the value of an organization. This process comprises of analysis and control of the remuneration of employees as well as their benefits. Reward management aims at developing an efficient reward system for an organization. In the present competitive business environment, organizations are doing their best to improve the quality of their products while trying to reduce the cost of production.

Meanwhile, the job market is becoming competitive and as much as the business is trying to get the most from their employees, the employees are looking for more from their employers (Armstrong, 2012). Human resources are becoming a core competence for every organization and as such, organizations are trying their best to maintain their human resource. Reward management systems are one of the best methods of maintaining employees and motivating them to change their work habits for the benefit of the organization.

This report will discuss the types of reward systems available to Schweppes Australia Inc, the suitable reward system for the organization, the reward managements systems most suitable for working staff, the most valuable rewards for the staff and how the recommended management system is linked to the organization business strategy (Fyffe, 2007) ". 2.0 Company profile Schweppes Australia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asahi Group Holdings. It creates manufacturers, distributes, sells and markets a wide variety of non-alcoholic ready to drink cordials and beverages aimed to meet all customer's thirst-quenching and refreshments needs.

the main functional departments include Finance, IT, marketing and sales, distribution and procurement, manufacturing, Science and Technology, Legal, Tax, Treasury and risks, human resource, and corporate affairs. The company’ s customers include corner milk bars, large retail shops, hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, cafes, hotels, restaurants, newsagents, and takeaway outlets.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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