Essays on Google Companys Current Performance Management System Case Study

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The paper "Google Companys Current Performance Management System" is a good example of a management case study.   This research report provides a situational analysis of a company and its current performance management system. In addition to this, it will also provide a link between the company's strategy and performance management system. The information obtained from the company will aid in this analysis. A range of analytic tools such as the cost-benefit analysis will be used in this analysis. The analysis will involve an overview of its performance after the implementation of a performance management system.

This analysis indicated greater improvement in its performance with the implementation of reward program for high performers and innovative employees. Despite, being costly to the company, the project is worth the investment. Introduction Since the time it was founded in 1998, Google company has had tremendous improvement and has developed to a level of being one of the best-performing companies in the world. Initially, it was called Backrub and like today, it is the top search engine. Currently, the company has employed over twenty thousand personnel working across different sections including; engineering, marketing and operations (Savoia & Copeland, 2011, p.

56). Its success can be attributed to a number of undertakings. One of these is embracing innovation and enhancement of employee performance through rewards. Cook (2012) highlights the fact that Google, Inc has risen to the top five in ranking for embracing innovation and believes in the effectiveness of reward strategy. The company's mission statement is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful (Google Inc, 2013). Besides its mission statement, the company believes in a number of things.

They include a focus on the user and other things will follow later, doing one thing to the best, the value of time, a democracy of the user, open access to information wherever and whenever needed. They also believe in making money without evil, innovation to make all the information accessible, cross border information access, making challenges to be fun and use of innovation to make the current better. Theoretical Background Different scholars using different wordings but all centering on the same idea have defined performance management. According to Caldwell (2002), performance management is the active cooperation between the management and employees that aligns the employees towards the goals and initiatives of the organization.

Performance management comprises of all activities adopted by any establishment to improve the performance of their employees (Selden & Sowa, 2011, p. 253). Situational analysis of Google Google’ s head office is in California. Google offers wide and diversified products to countries worldwide. Some of its products include Earth: Chrome; Visigami; SketchUp; Talk; Picasa; Gmail; Google News; Google Mobilizer; Google Sync, Mini, Mobilizer, Double click, Feed Burner, Gadgets, Profiles among many other products.

Its products have made much impact on communication, accessing information and locating things easily. Research on its official website shows that it continuously made a profit of over $ 21 billion from the year 2008. It has acquired many companies like YouTube, Key Hole, Double Click, Grand Central among others in order to diversify its areas of operations. Google has more than 20,000 employees worldwide. Its culture enables the attractive, convenient and conducive place to work for people from different spheres of life. The driving force of the employees is the ambition of the company to remain competitive in the economy.

According to Chaffey (2007), the Google business model is in the SEC filing states, “ organizing world’ s information and making it accessible and useful” . The business models mainly are acquiring competitive firms, entering into alliances and mergers with other firms. It also relies on expanding into different marketing offerings to serve its large customer population. Their main model is to advertise and provide services to all online users.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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