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Generally speaking, the paper 'Marketing Plan for Jago Bicycle Store" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   A marketing plan is essential for the success of business organizations. This plan ensures that the organization sticks to the schedule and spends the marketing funds appropriately. The plan encompasses the understanding of the target market, the competitors in the market and how the target market can be reached through tactics. It also entails the differentiation of the company from the competitors so as to make sales. According to Luther (2011), understanding what the market wants and what turns them on is essential for the business to make a cut in the market.

McDonald (2007) described marketing as the process of providing goods as well as services whose customer demand is existent. With a marketing plan, the main focus of the process is on attaining competitive advantage over competitors. Therefore, it is a plan where marketing resources are applied so as to attain the objective of marketing. This paper shall present a marketing plan for Jago Bicycle Store, a new establishment by Jane Gould.

With her experience in bike riding, she has great skills in servicing of bicycles. Objectives of Jago Bicycle Store The mission of the company is to provide a total solution to the riders’ community locally and internationally. The objectives of the marketing plan are: To create awareness of the products and services offered by the store to 50,000 followers by the end of the first year. To create a large market share among the riders’ community by the end of the first year of establishment To create a platform for effective implementation of the bicycle selling and servicing store Environmental analysis Competitors The store faces stiff competition from their closets rival, Cell Bikes.

This is a company that has been well established in the industry. The company is among the leading bike retailers in Australia. The company has a well established technological framework that enables it to market its products and to reach to its clients. In addition, the company has already established its name in the Business Review Weekly’ s Fast 100, making it a great competitor whose name and reputation has to be fought in the market.

The growth of the company has been great over the past three years, with its market share growing at a steady rate. The company also has partnerships with other companies such as SLI Systems that enable it to introduce new technologies in their online marketing and operations with clients. Phillips (2009) stated that the company’ s success has been greatly boosted by its use of e-commerce; hence it has been able to reach to a large number of clients through this medium. Political/ Legal factors The politics of the country shall have little influence on the products.

This influence shall be based on the influence of political decisions on taxes and any limitations on the transport sector. Another slender influence of legal factors on bicycles involves policies on the technology used to manufacture bicycles. However, this factor influences the manufacturers of bicycle products rather than sellers.


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