Essays on PESTEL and SWOT Analysis for Turkey for Use by Rip Curl Case Study

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The paper 'PESTEL and SWOT Analysis for Turkey for Use by Rip Curl" is a good example of a marketing case study. Rip Curl is an Australian designer, manufacturer, and retailer of sportswear and associated products based in Victoria. Some of the products of the company include snow boats, skateboards, surfing watches with GPS, travel bags, pants and all sorts of clothing. Turkey has a rich historical and cultural background. Rip Curl would like to make and expansion to Turkey. The aim of this report is to conduct a PESTEL evaluation of the country as well as a SWOT analysis, so as to aid the company in strategizing its move. 2.0 Political Environment 2.1 Government Stability The government system is the republican parliamentary system.

The prime minister of Turkey is the head of government. The executive power is left on the government while legislative power is vested on both Unicameral Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the government. The judiciary is autonomous from the executive and the legislature. The constitution being used in the country was adopted on 7th November 1982. However, it has undergone some amendments.

The AKP party has been in power from 2002 under different presidents. The current election is scheduled on 10th June 2015. This and the peaceful elections demonstrate the country conducive to invest in. 2.2 Government Relations The Turkish government has good relations with other countries including the USA. For example, the country imports goods from Australia and so does Australia. The Government of Turkey has structures and policies in place that encourage bilateral trade and investment in the country. The country has a bilateral Framework for Strategic Commercial and Economic Cooperation that encourages strategic economic cooperation with other countries.

The country is also looking forward to being integrated into the European Union. 2.3 Analysis The above conducive political environment will make it possible for Rip Curl to export some of the raw materials that are not available in Turkey without any restrictions. Additionally, the company will be able to benefit from the relations Turkey has in Australia especially when outsourcing for raw materials not present in the country. 3.0 Legal Environment 3.1 Business Laws Turkey’ s legal environment is very favorable and business-friendly.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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