Essays on Risk And Insurance - BAZS Company Case Study

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The paper 'Risk And Insurance - BAZS Company " is a good example of a management case study. BAZS Company is a profit-making limited company operating in the UAE. The company has just lasted a period of about five months thus it is still considered new in the market, this makes it to be vulnerable to many risks especially in terms of competition from more established companies in the UAE. The company focuses on providing services to the tourist who visits the region through its transportation services and even places for the tourists to spend their vacation, thus the company is seen as venturing into the hospitality sector.

BAZS is a private limited company being owned by a partnership of five individuals, the major shareholder being Mr. Tomkins with a majority share of 41%, he is seen as the owner of the company as he is the senior shareholder of the company, it was formed with an agreement of the five people with an aim of making a profit from the readily available market due to the spread of tourists in the region.

The company has so far employed about 100 people to help in its operations and this is seen as a positive trend towards managing the market considering the high competition available. The activity of the company It is presumed that the start of the business depends on the availability of the demand towards certain services (Bridge Pg 125. 2012). Every company is seen to take advantage of a situation to be solved in the society and use it as a business idea, BAZS company is not left behind, the company has taken the high number of tourists in the UAE region to start a business towards helping this group of and at the same time make a profit out of it.

The profit made from the company is distributed in terms ratio considering the individual’ s contribution to the start of the company, the five members are the shareholders of BAZS Company limited. The company provides vehicles needed for the transportation of the tourists from one region to the other.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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