Essays on Insurances for Human Capital Risk Management Article

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The paper 'Insurances for Human Capital Risk Management " is a good example of a management article. The article Insurances for human capital risk management in SMEs’ offers a focus on the element of human capital risks and how insurance systems and policies can be used as a measure to counter and mitigate the challenges. In order to provide critical analysis of the process, the article uses the case study of the SME workforce and uses the information and data available from insurance companies to formulate its analysis. In this case, the study analysis is developed through the adoption of an insurance provider viewpoint, where analysis and application of the recommended services are argued (Maenpaa and Voutilainen 57).

Finally, the article prides its findings originality in the evaluation of knowledge risks. In this case, the authors assert that this is a human risk area that has not been evaluated in the pat and thus requires much focus and evaluation. As such the study findings play a critical role in providing literature to bridge the existing gap in the market. Main Learning Points The article analysis developed a series of key findings both in the literature review analysis and in the findings section respectively.

First, the study established that human risks in the workforce can be classified into two main categories, the insurable and the non-insurable risks. On one hand, it argues that the insurable risks are the category of risks that the insurance providers are willing to insure companies against. As such this was determined as the set of risks that there are readily existing insurance covers for the companies. In essence, it argued that the insurable risks are the category of risks that the employer organization lacks direct control over.

Dome of such risks included employee turnover, both voluntary and involuntary, loss of competence, and offense committed by employees towards the company among others. On the other hand, the analysis argued that the uninsurable risks are the set of human capital risks that the insurance companies are unwilling to insure companies against over.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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